Ken / Farm Estate Owner / Nr. Plessey Woods, Northumberland

“We really enjoyed working with Rep-Build. This is the second house / new-build project we’ve built with them and the largest country home we’ve built to date. We’d recommend Rep-Build to others, in fact we’ve already recommended to other people. We’d definitely use Rep-Build again for future projects. Keith would do things on a very bespoke basis. Keith is very conscientious, he’d take on board some of the new requirements for the new build and go home, come back with a solution. Very creative, very conscientious, always thinking about the needs of the client (the property owner). We’re very, very happy with the work they’ve done."

Anne / Property Owner & Developer / Burgham Park, Northumberland

“We commissioned Rep-Build to perform a nearly half a million pound renovation job on our Church and community hall and they delivered it. I have many years’ of experience of working in and with the building trade and I’ve not come across a building company as good as them in all that time. There could have been problems with the build, especially as it’s a working Church and parish hall, used by the community during the build, but the project was so well-managed. They have a high attention to and care for detail. I have had been in charge of many building projects and renovations across several parishes, and prior to joining the Church I worked in building and architecture, I was extremely impressed with what Rep-Build have done for us. On my side, as a client, they sought to do the project as economically as possible and always with the client’s welfare in mind. They’re diligent workers, extremely good at what they do and produced an excellent job in what were, at time, difficult situations. Very trustworthy, I would employ them again!’''

Rev. Simon White / Verger / The Beacon Project / St. Aidan's Church, Morpeth


I would definitely like to work with Rep-Build again in the future. I’d recommend them. I found out about them through Strutt & Parker, the Property Consultants, whom I bought the land and property off. We're about three-quarters through this extensive building works project and I'm very much looking forward to the end-result. They’re very flexible. They’re good at finding solutions and problem solving, and project management. They’re reliable. They are a great bunch of lads to work with, very professional and I’d certainly recommend them to anybody."

Isobel / Property Owner & Developer / Low Haughton, Nr. Ponteland

“We’d recommend Rep-Build. We’ve been working with them on various building projects for over 18 months now. They’ve been great to work with. They’re very approachable, very amenable, very good at what they do. Our Project Manager was excellent, you could ring him and talk to him anytime. They’ve done an amazing job. We’re thrilled to bits. They’re good at problem solving. They’re also excellent at thinking outside-the-box. They’re approachable. And they’re not ‘fit and flit’ like some other building firms we’ve worked with. You can ring them up anytime after a job to ask them a question and they’ll answer or pop in."

Dorothy / Farm Estate Owner / Nr. Plessey Woods, Northumberland

“Yes we’d recommend Rep-Build to other people. We’re very happy with them. We’ve found them very good to work with. They’ve made a good job. They're not frightened to come up with suggestions and they do an excellent job of finishing things off. They’re good at problem solving too - for example, when we first bought our large property we were thinking of putting the access road right through our field up to the property. This would have caused a few issues, including dividing up the land, but we couldn’t see another way. Our Rep-Build Project Manager, came up with a suggestion which means the road to the property now goes around our farm buildings which means it’s easier, it looks better and we’ve not lose any land with it. They’re professional builders who offer a very good service."

“The reason why we’d use Rep-Build again is due to their flexibility - they are very flexible and accommodating to work with. When building this house we didn’t always stick to the original plan, we had ideas as we were moving through the house and our Project Manager would deliver them and make them happen. They would also solve problems, so there would be ideas and new things to do in the house and they would solve that issue. We've built up a relationship. They're very reliable. Builders often get a bad reputation, so it's refreshing to work with someone like Rep-Build. Project management skills are really good, their workmen are very organised. They have a good reputation and an excellent service.''

Charlie /Property Developer /  Tranwell Woods, Morpeth